5 in 1 Wireless Headphone Headset Earphone GADGETSCN #122906

Wireless Headphone

5 in 1 Wireless Headphone Headset Earphone for PC TV FM Radio Wireless Headphone Gaming Headphone

1. Wireless net chat. It’s perfect audio-chat tool, provides infinite enjoyment
2. FM radio function. The headset can be used as FM radio separately, search and lock channels automatically
3. Wired earphones. Equipped with audio cable, the receiver can be used as a wired earphone
4. Wireless monitoring. Place the emitter near baby, old people and sick people who need care, and the sound of the cared people can be heard with the receiver, for easy care

1. Frequency Range: 86 – 108 MHz
2. Reception Mode: FM
3. Distortion: =<2%

1. Emission Frequency: 86 +- 0.5MHz
2. Modulation Mode: FM
3. Emission Distance: >= 8m
4. Power: 2 x AAA Batteries or 4.5 DC (Not Included)

Package included:
1 x Wireless Headphone
1 x FM Transmitter (Stand)
1 x Audio Cable(CL118)

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