7.1 Channel Virtual USB Sound Card Reverb Remix Adapter GADGETSCN #142818

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7.1 Channel Virtual USB Sound Card Reverb Remix Adapter

7.1 Channel Virtual USB Sound Card Reverb Remix Adapter

This is USB 2.0 External 7.1-Channel Audio Sound Card Adapter. It can work with either desktop or laptop. it extends your stereo speaker or earphone to 7.1 channel environment, giving you high quality sound enjoyment.

USB 2.0 Full-Speed, Easy to use, Plug and Play, instead of the traditional sound card
Using the most advanced technology of Xear 3D, Comprehensive support the MS DirectX, EA1.0/2.0, HRTF 3DX functions
Multi-function keys, Support Volume-Up and Volume-Down, The playback mute , recording mute control, and support the pause playback, Stop, Control of the up and down songs
Multi-channel technology, Strongly 7.1 channel dynamic sound
Can achieve the effect of four sound ROCK/JAZZ/Subwoofer/Normal adjustment Enter process karaoke OK
through the EQ rocker switch
Through the line-in interface, External connect recording equipment Separate recording, and you can enter other audio sources
Support Various sound formats/ Music software output
Fit for DVD, Digital products, music, game and Online use
Compact, portable design, convenient to carry and store
7.1 Channel Sound Adapter supports for Windows XP / Vista/WIN7/Mac OS/Android Etc.
Size (L*W): (Approx) 7cm x 3.7cm/2.8″ x 1.5″

7.1CH Virtual USB Sound Card Reverb Remix Adapter

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