Beatles Personal Defense Alarm Anti Rape DVRGADGETS #161701

Beatles Personal Defense Alarm Anti Rape

Beatles Personal Defense Alarm Anti Rape

A good outing partner for women,elder,kids personal alarm. When you need help, pull out the metal key chain pull nail, it can immediately send out alarm,caused the attention of people to help.
For the jogger, the elderly,kids, the disabled, people go out for an outing, the need to protect the ideal of the guard,For women to anti attack,anti rape,anti theft safety security guard.
Material:Plastic key chain rivet
Size:70*57*26MM,Smart,Cute Fashion Safety security alarm
Contain 4 pcs of LR44 battery
Sound:Built-in 130db loud sond alarm
LED light bright when alarm sound, protect safety in dark night

Beatle Personal Defense Keychain Self Defence Tool Security Alarm with LED lights for Women Kid Anti Rape Theft SC-3202


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