Black Technology Nano Strong Sticker


Black Technology Nano Strong Sticker

This is 2017 latest black tecnlogy, Nano strong sticker.
Stick iPhone, Stick iPad no problem; Stick cup, stick bottle no problem!
No need any glue, no nails,use as long as a light rejection, you can stick to the wall, even if the uneven wall is no problem!
Do not have to worry about tearing off, the glue will not make the above, as long as the water rinse, immediately change!
When the temperature reaches 100°C, there is no case of melting or deformation!

1.Strong adsorption,everything can stick,without any vestige when remove it.
2.Toss lightly,can stick to any place,even when the surface is not flat.
3.Not only for Mobile Phone or car, but also for all aspects in life,like office,cable,potted etc.
4.After water clean can be cycling used.
5.High temperature resistance,can resist 100 °without deformation,durable pads.

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