Classical Night Vision PC Camera GADGETSCN #551111

Classical Night Vision PC Camera

Classical Night Vision PC Camera

1.6 LED Night Vision
2.Built-in unidirectional microphone
3.Built-in CMOS sensor
4.1.3 Mega Pixels Digital Camera CMOS Sensor
5.Up to 5.0 Mega Pixels window capture resolution supported
6.Video format: 24-bit RGB
7.Camera supports 180 degree rotation
8.Frame rate: (640 x 480) 30 f/s; (1280 x 960) 10 -15 f/s
6.Compatible with USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
7.Focus Range: 3 cm to for Infinity
8.Resolution: 300K pixel
9.Easily mounts to desktop / laptop monitor with built in clip

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