CO Monoxide Smoke Alarm Detector with LCD Display DVRGADGETS #560901

Intellgent CO Carbon Monoxide Poisonous Toxic Independent Smoke Alarm Detector with LCD display

CO Monoxide Smoke Alarm Detector with LCD Display

This product is carbon monoxide detector. It’s the only battery-operated alarm that includes a backlight digital display feature. The backlit digital display feature makes it easy to view carbon monoxide levels from 001-999PPM(parts per million). When concentration of the leaked carbon monoxide reaches the given alarm level, the detector LED flashes red and buzzer gives out alarm sounds. This product is perfectly used in villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings and any other Indoor places.

1) MCU processing and SMT Manufacture Technology
2) High accurate electrochemical sensor
3) 3-5 years’ sensor lifetime
4) 85 decibel alarm sound
5) LCD display
6) Simple installation
7) Low battery warning
8) Manual Test / Auto-Reset
9) Tip: Battery not included in the package, extra 3USD for 3×1.5V AA Batteries if you need.

Power Supply: 3*1.5V AA batteries(not included in the package)
Sensitivity/Alarm Time:
50 ppm, Within 60~90 minutes;
100 ppm, Within 10~40 minutes;
300 ppm, Within 3 minutes
Static Current: <80uA (200uA when the LCD displayer light)
Alarm Current: <80mA
Audibility: 85dB ( at 1m distance ), Frequency 3±0.5KHZ
Operation ambient: 0-45°C
Environment Humidity: 20 ~9 5%R.H
Alarm Output: 85db/1m, 3Khz frequency, red LED light flash fast
Static Output: Green LED light flash every 30 seconds
Low Battery Warning: Sound “di” every 30 second, displaying “lb”
Dimension: 100mm*38mm
Weight: 120g

CO Monoxide Smoke Alarm Detector with LCD Display Home Safety CO Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Smoke Gas Sensor Warning Alarm Detector Kitchen


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