Fountain Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker GADGETSCN #121711-2

Bluetooth Speaker Fountain Dancing Water

Fountain Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker

The speakers can be compatible with Bluetooth-enabled cellphones, tablet PCs and laptops to let you enjoy wonderful wireless stereo music.
Built-in amplifier, Hi-Fi stereo speakers. Dual track and double-horn. Feel the shock of the three-dimensional sense and sense of space.
With a 3.5mm audio input, you can connect the speaker with your other 3.5mm-jack audio devices, such as cellphone, PC, MP3, MP4, etc., to play music.
Through the music player volume and tone control water dance beats. The liquid using plant oil rather than water is more security non-conducting.
Concise appearance design, melody perfect match with water dance and LED lamp just is dazzle multi-coloured.
Standard USB power plug, no battery power supply.


1. Shell material: durable hard plastic
2. LED light color: colorful
3. Bluetooth: support built-in Bluetooth
4. Speaker output power: 3Wx2
5. Cable length: about 1.2m
6. USB power cable: USB A male to mini 5-pin USB connectors
7. 3.5mm audio cable: 3.5mm male to male audio ports
8. Working current: 280-600mA
9. Operating voltage: DC 4.5V-5V

Fountain Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker Fountain Speaker

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