Laptop Soundbar Detachable Notebook Mini Clip USB Speaker GADGETSCN #71301

Mini Portable Clipon USB Stereo Speakers line Controller Soundbar for Laptop Notebook Mp3 Phone Music Player PC with Clip

Laptop Soundbar Detachable Notebook Mini Clip USB Speaker 

Enjoy quality sound from your laptop wherever you go, with this laptop speaker connected to it. Light weight, the clip-on design of this speaker allows you to fix it onto the laptop, netbook or even place it anywhere close.

Lightweight, clip-on design.
Speaker is easy to attach, easy to remove, easy to take with you.
Simply mount the speaker to any laptop or notebook.
The speaker stays securely in place when you carry your laptop from room to room
Both sides-of-monitor design also focuses the sound directly toward you
Music sounds its full and balanced best
Volume adjustment give you control of your music
Plug a single USB cord into your laptop and you’re good to go
No software or external power supply needed
Included cord powers the speaker and gives you pure digital sound instantly

Speaker System:2.0 Speaker
Power Rating:2W+2W Stereo
Speaker Unit:2 X 40mmNdFeB high-quality speakers 4 ohm
Dimension:60 times;30 times;35mm, cable 1.7m
Power Input:USB Supply~5V, 500MA, 50Hz
Input Connection:3.5mm Audio Interface
3.5mm audio jack

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