Lovely Foot Shape Personal Alarm Keyring DVRGADGETS #161706

Lovely Foot Shape Personal Alarm Keyring

Lovely Foot Shape Personal Alarm Keyring

Size: 6cm x 3cm
Material: ABS
Powered by button batteries
Sound Frequency:About 90dB
Color: Pink, Blue
Usage: Pull out alarm rope and it will ring

*Lightweight, compact design for easy carrying.
* Clip to your handbag, backpack or use as a keyring to your wallet’s zipper,cellphone’s strap.
* Perfect for students, joggers, elderly, disabled, night shift workers, people who live alone.
* Protect you out of risk when you encounter in danger surrounding or meet some bad man.
*90 DB loudness can attract other people’s attention enough

Self Defense Supplies Blue 90DB Personal Attack Anti Rape Alarm Safety Personal Security for Girl Kids Children Protecion


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