Optical Sound Card Adapter Converter GADGETSCN #142817

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Optical Sound Card Adapter Converter

Optical Sound Card Adapter Converter

USB Sound is an USB audio controller.It supports 32KBz,44.1khz.(which two need driver or application software support)and 48KHZ sampling rate in digital recording,48KHZ sampling in analog recordin and 48KHZ in digital/analog audio playback.
In digital playback mode,it receives audio stream from PC via USB interface and transmits audio data according to the AES/EBU,IEC60958,S/PDIF consumer interface standards.Only R,L channel PCM audio in 5.1 channel can be conveyed in digital playback mode.In analog playback mode,it supports 6 channels codec for analog playback.
In digital recording mode,it receives S/PDIF digital audio input and sends back to PC through USB.Three sampling rates;includes 32KHZ,44.1KHZ are automatically locked internally,in analog recording mode,fixed 48khz sampling rate is supported by analog audio recording

plug and play
Supports SES/EBU,IEC60958,S/PDIF consumer formats for stereo PCM audio
Fixed 48KHZ sampling rate for 5.1 channel playback.
Supports analog recording function
Supported SCMS copy protection
Compatible with Win98SE,ME,2000,XP,Mac OS 9.1
Fully duplex playback/recording audio stream without sound card in PC
Compliant with USB specification v1.1
Compliant with USB audio device class v1.0
Supports USB full speed 12Mbit serial data transmission
3 input terminals
3 output terminals
Alternate setting 0 is a zero-bandwidth setting used to release the claimed bandwidth on the bus when this device is inactive Isochronous transfer uses adaptive and asynchronous synchronization
Support multi channels audio code interface for 5.1 channel playback
Supports conventional audio 2 channels source playback

Package Included:
1x USB 2.0 sound card
1x Driver CD
1x USB cable

External Optical USB Sound Card 6 Channel 5.1 Audio Sound Card Adapter Optical Controller for PC Laptop Computer

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