PCI Sound Audio Card Adapter GADGETSCN #142819


PCI Sound Audio Card Adapter

PCI Sound Audio Card Adapter

CS4614 Chipset Technology
Full duplex 64-bit PCI bus master
Integrated SRS 3D sound technology
Compatible with sound blaster, sound blaster Pro and Windows sound system
Advanced MPC-3 compliant input and output mixer
Enhanced stereo full duplex operation
Dual Type-F DMA support
Delta-Sigma data converters
Programmable power management.
Hardware master volume control
Line-in, microphone and line-out jacks.
15-pin standard game/midi port
PCI interface

Available PCI slot
CD-ROM for Driver installation
Windows3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/VISTA, Windows NT 4.X/5.X, Win7 64-bit

Package Include :
1 X USB External 4.1 Channel PCI Sound Audio Card Adapter for Desktop PC
1 x Driver CD

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