DIY Wall Clock Sticker

DIY Wall Clock Sticker GADGETSCN #130301

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DIY Wall Clock Sticker

DIY Wall Clock Sticker

Material:Alloy clock
Hour hand length: 31.5cm /12.4″
Minute hand length: 39cm / 15.3″
Clock machine face: 10cm/ 3.94″
The clock finishing size is depends on your preference to decorate your wall,
the minimum achieving is:63cm x 63cm / 24.8″x 24.8″.
You can make it paste larger size 100cmx100cm / 39″x39″

How to Install?

STEP1:Remove all dirt and dust from the application surface and make sure the surface is dry and clean.
STEP2:Cover the clock with the auxiliary scale,as to the scale,stick the figure at the right site.
STEP3:Take down the clock,fixing the hour hand and minute hand one bye one.Tips:press the hands into the clock axes in order aim at 12 o’clock.
STEP4:Adjust the time with the buttom and install the battery.
STEP5:Hanging the clock return to the nail.
STEP6:Well done!You can enjoy your art-work now.

Technology: one AA battery(no battery include)

DIY Wall Clock

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