VGA to Video PC to TV AV Video Converter #10219

VGA to Video PC to TV AV Video Converter

This is a handed-size universal VGA to TV converter box. Compact size, Power from USB port, It is best for PC GAME, PC DVD, and Internet viewing on TV, Entertainment, Education and Presentation.
*Video Standard: NTSC/NTSC-EIAJ/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM(via RGB out) 
*VGA importation support: 640×480 (up to 85Hz), 800×600 (up to 85Hz), 1024×768 (up to 85Hz) and 1280×1024 (up to 60Hz) 
*Input port: DB15 (VGA) 
*Output ports: RCA Composite video, S-Video and VGA (HD15) 
*Image controls: Horizontal and vertical size, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and onscreen display background
*Show simultaneously pictures on the monitor and TV
*Support the overscan and underscan display mode
*Convenient to carry because it is light, thin ,short and small
*No driver or operating system requirements; compatible with Windows and Mac computers 

VGA_to_Video_Video_Converter_demo VGA_to_Video_Video_Converter-2

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