Wireless Baby Cry Detector Voice Alarm DVRGADGETS #161702

Wireless Baby Cry Detector Voice Alarm

Wireless Baby Cry Detector Voice Alarm

This Baby alarm/wireless cry detector will automatically detect within the range of 100m, it is very useful when u have no time to take care of your baby. With low price and High quality. It is best choice for parents when they are busy.

1. Wireless identified digital avoid wrong-alarm.
2. Automatically defect within the range of signal to avoid no-alarm.

User manual:
Place the transmitter near to baby, and place the receiver to any locations. Even on your pocket within the cover range of signal (the LDE light will always flash one time on every 10 seconds. If out of signal cover range, the LDE will not flash) once the baby is crying or something making sound, the receiver will make the crying noise.
Please change the batteries if the products out of services. The products Are not toys. Pls keep out of children touch.



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