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POS Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner POS

Wireless scanner wireless scanner combines high-performance scanning and advanced ergonomic advantages, with transmission distance, transmission speed, data storage and display the total number of scanning, automatic network, frequency hopping technology guarantee reliable transmission. Use F Series long distance wireless scanning gun inventory is not only simple, comfortable, fast, and reliable.

Before you start scanning, make sure:
– The terminal has adequate power .
– The scanner, cable and the Host are connected.
– All cable connections from the base station are secure.

– 32-bit dual-core CPU driver
– Ultra-long transmission, stable anti-interference
– High reliability, high stability
– Ultra-long-range scanning: beyond the effective range or data upload will be short beeps three times unsuccessfully tips
– 433-band wireless transmission, ensure transmission distance and quasi
– High transfer rate: 250K wireless transmission rate, so you always feel a subtle level of speed data transmission
– Super anti-jamming: a unique automatic frequency hopping technology, bring to the product interference, each gun has a unique identification, to ensure that no matter how many guns do not work together at the same time cross-talk with each other
– Long standby, low power consumption: automatic dormancy, microamps super-low standby power consumption, quite common in the natural state of the battery leakage current, long life, long standby
– Battery low voltage protection
– Small receivers, USB drive-free equipment

– Superior distance open 300 meters, 100 meters through the wall;
– Supports one pair of 99 scanner received 99 receivers simultaneously receive a scanner Information
– Portable charging, receiver and charging stand one;
– Battery and body free separation; can easily be replaced, effectively ensuring the battery life
– Intelligent upload data, you can upload the latest data each set, breakpoint memory
– Absolutely no distortion software design, the total number of memory statistical functions, re-code, ultra distance prompt, gun ID display
– Exceeds the volume and distance indicator prompts, can be transferred directly into the acquisition mode
– Support one to one, one to many, many to one, a base can support multiple scanners (up to 254)
– The communication from the indoor 100 meters above the outdoor 300 meters above
– Large capacity battery, charging time can be used for 6-10 hours

Working frequency: 433MHzISM band
Communication distance: open area up to 300 meters
Light Source Type: 650nm Nano visible laser diode
Use: hand-held or bracket
Do error rate: 1/5 million
Safety performance: in line with the national secondary laser safety standards
Barcode types: EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN128, Codaber, Industoal 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI, China postal codes.
Support Interface: RS 232, PS2 keyboard, USB and other interfaces
Scanning modes: manual, automatic
Transfer rate: RS232 Baudrate: 2400-38400
Resolution: (3mil)
Depth of Field: 15-800mm (pos0.9)
Reading speed: 200 times / sec.
Read elevation: 60 degree
Read angle: 45 degree
Operating temperature: -20 C -45 C
Storage temperature: -20 C -45 C
Operating humidity: 5% -85%
Storage humidity: 5% -85%
Power: 5V
Operating Current: 68mA
Quiescent Current: 48mA
The light intensity: Daylight 4000lux max
Electromagnetic interference: in line with en50081, par1 specifications
Outside the EMI: Complies en50082, par1 specifications

Package include:
1 x Barcode Scanner
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Wireless Receiver

Portable Barcode Laser Scanner Wireless Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner POS

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