With Probe Mini Digital Thermometer GADGETSCN #12152128

LCD Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Probe Meter for Incubator Aquarium Reptile Greenhouse

With Probe Mini Digital Thermometer

Digital LCD Thermometer For Aquarium Freezer H155 New
Modeling simple, elegant, LCD panels inline connections, moisture-resistant,
strong anti-interference, applies to refrigerated cabinets, display counters and
other needs of temperature measurement and display of various equipment.
Temperature range: -50~ 110°C
Temperature display resolution: 0.1
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°C
Power: two LR44 button battery-powered (include)
Long probe line: 1 meter molded case probe

Color: black White
Size: 47*28*14mm
Weight 22g
Package size: 60*70*20mm
Package weight: 33g

Package Content:
1 x Digital LCD Thermometer
2 x LR44 button battery

Mini Digital Thermometer With Probe With Probe Mini Digital Thermometer

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